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Education on the Subject of Business Credit Assets

Our business credit & funding program is the first fully integrated platform dedicated to educating and coaching for the development of business credit assets. Our technology incorporates more than 20 years of experience in business credit which is backed by a world-class engineering development team. With a highly intuitive, easy-to-use platform, business users work with a certified coach to lead, track and accelerate the various stages of establishing a business credit asset.

Our platform is a powerful intellectual property which allows us to target the financial institutions that will accelerate clients through the process of creating and building their business credit history.

Our Step by Step Platform

Our funding platform is one that offers a step-by-step process which helps business owners ensure their business is set up properly. It can walk them through the process of obtaining funding and building business credit. With a total of 6 steps, each serves a specific purpose in the business credit and funding process.

Establish a viable business with the major credit bureaus. In order to establish credit, businesses must comply with the corporate guidelines established by the bureaus and financial institutions which include Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and Experian. These agencies want to ensure that the entity is an actual business and requires it to be incorporated (LLC, S Corp or C Corp), have a physical address, a valid phone number, a website, and other limited guidelines.

The Money Store Fundability
Once compliance is established, an actual business credit file is created. The file establishes a unique profile with D&B and Experian which facilitates the tracking of credit history and the development of a business credit score. In the case of D&B, a PayDex score is the assigned numerical evaluation of a company or organization's credit-worthiness.

Business Credit File
Once a credit profile is established, the business will have the opportunity to build a credit history by working with credit and financial institutions who report to D&B. Since only approximately 10% of all credit and lending institutions report to D&B, it's critical that a business owner is guided properly through the process of building a credit history which maximizes access to credit and lending while creating the strongest credit score possible.

The business credit score is equivalent to a personal credit score except for one fundamental difference- the business credit score is not limited by the personal credit scores that are established for all consumers.

Vendor Credit
In Step 4 we help you get approved for new credit in your business name which ultimately reports to the appropriate business credit reporting agencies. This type of credit can be obtained with no personal credit check, and you will not be required to be a personal guarantor thus eliminating your personal liability.

Business Credit
Within the funding platform each retailer lists the products they sell, to which bureau they report and their underwriting requirements. This lets you know who will approve you before applying. This proprietary system is the only one in existence that lists the actual underwriting guidelines for each account-type which substantially increases your chances of being approved.

We offer a guarantee that you will be approved for at least $50,000 in business credit, this guarantee applies regardless of your personal credit condition. This means you truly have to lose with our leading business credit building system.

Additionally, once you have separated your business and personal liability and secure money without being personally liable for your business debts, you'll soon have one of the strongest assets your business can possess - a powerful business credit profile.

This process makes it much easier to obtain credit and funding in your business name well into the future.


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